Student Comments

" Not only I started learning Spanish but also gained a group of fantastic friends "

— Klaudjna from Aberdeen, Uk

“ Eliana is a great teacher and really helped me with my Spanish. I thoroughly enjoyed my tutorials with her and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn or improve their Spanish ”

— Simon from Aberdeen, UK

“ Eliana is a fantastic teacher, more than that she is warm and positive in her attitude which makes you feel at ease when she tutors. This is really important, particularly when you are beginning to learn a language and it is easy to feel self conscious about the mistakes you make. Would strongly recommend Eliana for teaching and private tutoring. Eliana helped me with Portuguese and has also helped my wife with Italian ”

— Donald from Aberdeen. UK.

“ Eliana is a very professional language tutor with an amazing amount of patience, and believe me to teach Brazilian Portuguese to me takes a lot of patience. Eliana is a very pleasant young lady, willing to schedule classes to meet students availability, even at short notice. She has made my time studying very enjoyable and has even started to develop a British sense of humour to my, often amusing comments. I have no hesitation in recommending Eliana as a top rate professional language tutor, who I now count not only as my tutor, but also as my friend ”

— Alan from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“ I have known Eliana for more then 15 years and recommend her to teach Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, she is a very professional and knowledgeable teacher, very patient and speaks excellent English. Her knowledge extends beyond the language into the culture of the people a most rewarding experience ”

— Ian from England, UK.

“ Learning Spanish with Eliana has been fantastic. Her classes are fun, friendly and relevant. The friendly atmosphere is very conducive to language learning and each class is very interesting. I would definitely recommend to anyone wishing to learn a language ”

— David from Aberdeen, UK.

" I have known Eliana for a number of years. A few years ago I was working in Brazil and wanted to learn Portuguese to improve my understanding of the country.
Eliana introduced me to Portuguese - the masculine, the feminine and the exceptions. As I progressed my way through this, she then introduced me to the the three forms of verbs, conjugations, regular verbs, then the irregular verbs and then of course as always the exceptions. In a very lighthearted but purposeful way she explained, cajoled and push me steadily down the path of progress. I am now married to a Brazilian and spend much of my time in Brazil.
All of this is down to Eliana laying down the law oh sorry the foundations for me to follow - so learning a language can bring far more fun than you think "

— Chris from Leicester, UK

" Una DONNA,INSEGNANTE eccezionale. Ho fatto il corso pomeridiano di lingua spagnola presso il liceo scientifico E.Fermi di Gaeta,circa 10 anni fa, e in pochi mesi mi ha insegnato tante cose. È stata anche accompagnatrice nella gita scolastica che abbiamo fatto a Barcellona.
Sono stata dispiaciuta quando ho scoperto che non era più qui in zona, perché mi sarebbe piaciuto approfondire il mio livello linguistico "

— Dhebora from Gaeta, Italy.

“ I have started learning Spanish a year ago, before that I was not very interested but after joining Eliana's classes I can not stop. I really got into it. It is such a good learning environment with fun. Eliana is very good at encouraging everybody to speak Spanish and it is an enjoyable learning. I recommend her classes to anyone "

— Maryam from Aberdeen, UK.

“ I have attended Italian classes for almost 3 years, and have found the classes hugely enjoyable as well as beneficial; the balance of conversation and formal grammar tution is ideal, the texts used are contemporary and full of nteresting information on Italian Culture and Eliana is both delightful and an excellent teacher. Only Italian is spoken; the class is small which means that there is individual attention and ample opportunity for evryone to speak, and your Italian improves quickly in this environment. The classes are a great pleasure as well as being very effective and I could not recommend highly enough "

— Louise from Aberdeen,UK.